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DJ J.D. is the right DJ for every occasion. We have one of the largest selections of music anywhere starting with the year 1950 and finishing with the songs that you probably heard this morning on your favorite radio station.  It doesn´t make any difference what type of music you like or how old you are, DJ J.D. will play the right  music for you and always at the right price.

Our equipment is all new and state of the art. This way you know that you won’t have to listen to the buzzing cracking, screeching, sounds that sometimes come with old beat-up amplifiers and speakers. We also have plenty of extra equipment if the occasion requires more amplification.

We currently provide music for Clubs, Weddings, and Private Parties or for any event that requires quality music at an affordable price. You, our customer dictates the music we play and the volume that it is played at. We provide the music just the way you want it all the time.


Our schedule is filling fast so call today to make sure that your event has the best possible entertainment!